WiseHealth Programme

I truly believe that nutrition is the pathway to health, vitality and energy. As we are all unique it’s difficult to find an “off the shelf solution” that will work for you, without of course much trial an error and luck. This is where I come in!

As a qualified and passionate Nutritional Therapist I use my WiseHealth™ Nutritional support Programme to help you on the path to better health, so you can feel yourself again.

So what does it involve?

First of all I work as your health detective, discussing in confidence your current health, the issues you are concerned about, your medical history, diet and lifestyle.

We discuss your health goals and objectives and I then put together a personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle plan that includes:
Carefully chosen dietary recommendations
Advice on how to ensure your lifestyle doesn’t impact your health
Advice on nutritional supplements
Researching, advising and arranging functional laboratory tests (if needed)
Food choices list and recipes
Larder detox

To help you stay on track I will keep in touch with you on a regular basis over the course of the programme


WiseHealth™ Programme approx 10 to 12 weeks
Initial Consultations last for approximately 1.5 hours
Follow up last approximately 30 minutes
Mini progress review calls
Email support
Work with me either in person or via Skype
Prices start from £285

I first consulted Suzi on November 2016 after suffering for a few years with arthritis on my right hand, psoriasis on my scalp and gut issues. I didn’t realise until after I’ve contacted Suzi and was put on a dietary plan, how these problems were niggling me and sapping my energy everyday. With the knowledge of my problems and likes and dislikes of various foods, she gave me a food regimen that fitted into my busy life and it worked wonders. Today, with her constant care I feel healthy again.

Fernanda A – Central London – Age 56


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